Create a loving home for your whanau to thrive and be happy
Show your tamariki what it feels like to be safe and protected
Leave your tamariki with a legacy of love, not fear

Our Services

Non Violence Programmes for men and Women

HAIP aims to see the end of family violence, therefore our focus is on intervention and ending abuse by providing a range of whanau services and programmes that include: pathways, court/systems advocacy, victim advocacy, offender accountability, safety planning, education programmes that focus on safety, whanau restoration and promoting non-violence for adults/whanau and tamariki.

HAIP provides a range of direct services to the public and offer education programmes for men and women of all cultures who are both victims and offenders.

Men's programmes

HAIP can support you and your whanau to live a life free of violence and abuse.

Although domestic violence may be common, it isn’t normal and it’s not okay; it can be different for you.

HAIP can help you and your whanau live a life free of violence and abuse.

Women's programmes

At HAIP we understand how complex family violence can be and we are here to support and guide wahine to realise their own power in breaking free from violent relationships.

One way we do this is through women’s safety programmes. We also provide advocacy services.

Integrated Safety Response Pilot (ISRP)

In 2015, police were tasked with the primary responsibility of leading an Integrated Community Safety Response (FSN pilot later named Integrated Safety Response (ISR) pilot) in Hamilton and the Waikato policing district rural areas.

As a result, HAIP lost its lead agency role in this approach but remains a key agency contributing to the goals of ISR by accepting referrals and providing service/programmes for both men and women identified as needing support, providing specialist POS roles working with ISR tasking’s alongside IVS positions held by Refuge.


Stand up, speak up and act. Together we can stop domestic violence and abuse.