Create a loving home for your whanau to thrive and be happy.
Show your tamariki what it feels like to be safe and protected.
Leave your tamariki with a legacy of love, not fear.
The most important thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother.

Emergency Housing

For Victims & Perpetrators Of Family Violence

The Emergency House was established in late 2017 to provide accommodation primarily for men involved in Family Violence incidents.

This facility is for both victims and perpetrators of Domestic Violence who have been issued with a PSO (Police Safety Order).

Police Safety Orders issued can range from 1 to 10 days. These are issued to Victims or Perpetrators of a Family Violence Incident to allow them time to reflect on their actions and engage in finding support for them and their whanau.

While in emergency housing, they receive support from Perpetrator Outreach Services (POS), and are given tools to help navigate their lives/home situations once they leave emergency housing.

Clients are supported in finding accommodation, advocacy support for their behavior, AOD counselling, job searching, among other things whilst under our care.

At this time the Emergency House is only available for Police Safety Order (PSO) clients. Before they’re accepted into the Emergency House Service, we go through acceptance criteria to ensure they’re eligible to reside within the service.

The men who stay in our service are provided support from our POS team who will engage/advocate and support clients.

This is done through non-violence courses, parenting courses, alcohol and drug, rehabilitation and accommodation services.

Stand up, speak up and act. Together we can stop domestic violence and abuse.