Show your tamariki what it feels like to be safe and protected.
Create a loving home for your whanau to thrive and be happy.
Leave your tamariki with a legacy of love, not fear.

I Need Help

we are here to support you

Kapai! Acknowledging you need help is the first step towards creating a loving, safe and supportive environment for your whanau to thrive. We would love to help you break free of violence and abuse.

People reach out to us for lots of reasons:

  • They are on the receiving end of violence
  • They are using violence
  • They know of someone who is being abused
  • They know of someone who is being abusive

Please phone, pop into our center or fill in the self-referral form. A HAIP team member will be in touch within 24 business hours.

Your details are kept confidential, in accordance with the Privacy Act. We understand the information you provide to us is sensitive, and so we’ll ensure to keep it private and secure.

When to seek help

Some people may think that to seek help, abuse has to be violent, physical and prolonged.

Yet abuse is any threat to physical and mental wellbeing.

Violence can be verbal, physical, or psychological. It can be daily, weekly or occasionally. Violence comes in many shapes and forms.

Violence is still Violence no matter how it’s “justified” or downplayed

If you’re experiencing anything you feel is harmful to yourself or your whanau, please make contact with us if you’re not in imminent risk. If there is an immediate threat to life or safetly, contact the police.

It’s so important to reach out to us, regardless of the extent of abuse you are receiving or inflicting. We are always here to help and support our women and men in any way shape or form.

Stand up, speak up and act. Together we can stop domestic violence and abuse.