Create a loving home for your whanau to thrive and be happy.
Show your tamariki what it feels like to be safe and protected.
Leave your tamariki with a legacy of love, not fear.
The most important thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother.

Mens Programmes

We can help you

  • Rise above anger and fear
  • Be a positive role model for your tamariki
  • Leave a legacy of love, not fear

These programmes are designed for men who have been involved in domestic violence.

Groups are co-gender facilitated and open ended, which means that men join and complete the programme at different times. You will need to be inducted into the group prior to starting.

Men's programmes

The programme aims to explore the issues that allow abusive practices to happen, and give participants a better understanding around the patterns of behaviour that create situations of risk and harm to others and family.

By examining beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that support violence, we help you to understand the triggers for violence, as change starts with awareness.

If you’re not mandated to attend the programme, you can self-refer yourself onto the programme. Complete a self referral form, or come in person to HAIP to sign up for the programme.

If you would like to refer someone, please call us on 07-834-3148.

What can you gain from our programmes?

  • More trust from your partner
  • Positive relationships with your children
  • Honest and open communication
  • Healthier relationships
  • Reduced stress
  • True Respect

programme Objectives

  • To examine belief systems and behaviour that leads to abuse
  • To explore risk management options and encourage safe practices
  • To expand on the definitions of violence and controlling behaviours
  • To identify and practice non-controlling alternatives
  • To discuss the effects of these behaviours on women, children and men

Our programmes challenge men to recognise their violent and controlling behaviour, exploring the effects of violence on women and children, and making changes towards non-violent and non-controlling behaviour. Please visit our Resources section for information on some of the tools we use in our training sessions.

From July 2018 to june 2019, we helped 2038 men. We can help you too.

Stand up, speak up and act. Together we can stop domestic violence and abuse.