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Show your tamariki what it feels like to be safe and protected.
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Women's Programme

we are here to support you

Hamilton Abuse Intervention project was founded in 1991 for the victims of family harm. Today our purpose remains to develop loving whanau so that they thrive.

At HAIP we understand how complex family violence can be and we are here to support and guide wahine to realise their own power in breaking free from violent relationships. One way we do this is through weekly education programmes for Maori, Non Maori and Asian women.

Our various programmes assist women to:

  • Recognise abusive behaviour
  • Explore causes and effects of living with violence
  • Understand the impact of this violence on family members
  • Prioritise safety
  • Explain the causes of anger and abuse
  • Rebuild their lives

Sessions also explore processes for thinking through the issues that may have historically confronted women and in many cases, continue to confront them. 

Practical information and support

Practical and specialist information is provided on:

  • Family and district courts; what their roles are and how they affect our lives
  • Police support; what to expect from our police friends
  • Protection orders; how to gain maximum protection
  • Work and Income
  • Housing New Zealand
  • Oranga Tamariki

Advocacy and Kaitiaki/Advocates

Our Advocates will work with you, support and encourage you to make your own decisions in your own time. They can also help you make plans and preparations to ensure your safety.

Your Kaitiaki will listen to your story and help you explore your options.

Our Programmes

HAIP offers a number of programmes. Each programme explores a different theme, runs weekly for two hours.

The sessions blend education and information with group support. They are open groups, however induction into the group is required before starting.

An overview of our programmes is included below.

Stepping Out Safety Programme

Te Puna Huakina

This programme runs for 10 weeks. Each session is two hours long and is held on a Wednesday which is our Wahine Day where only women come into the building.

Two sessions are available and you can choose to attend. 

We are also able to provide one-on-one support for those with a protection order as an alternative to the programme. We do this through exploring different themes each week.

This programme aims to enable women to:

  1. Voice their experiences in a safe space
  2. Understand the impact violence has had on themselves and their children
  3. Understand the tactics that contribute to their oppression
  4. Help them stand in their own power
  5. Help them build self-esteem
  6. To enable them to create a support network

How to join

If you are interested in joining our Safety Programme please contact us to arrange a time to meet. You will meet with a female facilitator that specialises in family violence.

We ask that we meet prior to placing you in a group to do an assessment in order to gauge your situation and any additional wellbeing issues that you may need to be supported with.

You may attend either as a self-referral or if you have a protection order.

If required, we are able to conduct a safety plan with you during an assessment. There is no limit to how many terms you can attend.

Strengthening Women Programme

All About Men’s Group

This programme is for women whose partners are attending our men’s programme.

You’ll learn:

  • What to expect while he is on the programme
  • How to measure any changes
  • How to ensure your ongoing safety

Women’s Non-Violence Education Programme

This is a 20 week group programme which focuses on female offenders of family violence.

The programme aims to explore the issues that allow abusive practices to happen and give participants a better understanding around the patterns of behaviour that create situations of risk and harm to others and family.

FROM JULY 2018 TO JUNE 2019, we helped 565 women. We would love to help you too.

Stand up, speak up and act. Together we can stop domestic violence and abuse.